Raised vs. Flat Letters and Logos

  • Traditionally, signs have been printed on flat surfaces by printing companies and the results of this process can be presumably flat.
  • Bringing depth and dimension to your signage can create a new experience for viewers and change the face of the message you are conveying.
  • Raised lettering techniques can be added both to 2 dimensional images and messages to increase detail, or you can bring new raised elements into your current portfolio to create a different visitor experience.
  • Raised letters and logos are custom made and stand out from the wall at varying thicknesses and can be lit or non-lit, acrylic or metallic, curved or straight-edged and in the right colour to suit your individual needs.
  • These raised letters can be installed on your own or we can install them for you.
  • Raised lettering and logos are a different way to add depth to your message and help you push your branding needs and stand out.