Choosing Effective Colour Schemes for your Sign

Colour Guide

  • Your business signage is the first point of contact with your audience. Since they will see the sign before they interact with your business, products and services, you want to ensure that they get the impression you are conveying. 
  • The colours and colour schemes utilized in your sign will have a great impact on the visibility, mood and brand image so it is important to ensure that you are making your sign as effective as possible. 
  • Here are some important ideas to consider when deciding on a colour scheme:

  1. Does your brand already have an established colour scheme? How might ideas you have for your new sign compliment the colours of your brand’s colour scheme?
  2. Will an intense colour you want to use in the background overpower the message you are trying to convey, or make the message less visible?
  3. Contrasting and complementary colours can be paired up to create a powerful impact, while black – white combinations will be clearly visible.
  • The intensity of the image can increase by raising the number of contrasting colours, while the use of white space can lower the intensity of the image. 
  • There are special considerations for use of colour which change based on the location of the sign. Signage in lobbies and conference rooms would use a much different colour scheme than that of a vehicle wrap or exterior sign. Exterior and emergency signs are meant to stand out from the landscape of their locations far greater than interior directional signs which are meant to blend in with the image and colours of the room. 
  • The message of your sign should be represented through all functions and images presented through your sign. The functionality of the sign can be maximized through the effective use of all design techniques.